Office flowers

Helping your business flourish

With it's formal colours and requisite uniformity, the office environment can be a drab place, but it doesn't have to be...

Brighten up your office with the freshness of cut flowers

We've got loads for you to choose from to help make your office look and smell fresh and fragrant. Whether you're after luscious lilies to heavenly hibiscus, at Lawrence' Florist you can be sure to brighten up your office or corporate event.

Flowers for your office

Flowers that last

To ensure that the beauty and fragrance of your flowers isn't short lived, we not only provide our flowers with quality, proven feed, but we also make sure to streamline our deliveries so that our flowers are enjoyed as soon as possible, for as long as possible.

Delivered straight to the office

You can be sure to give the right impression with our excellent flower delivery service. Have your order delivered on-site to great your client first thing in the morning.

Beautifully prepared, just for you

We may not be able to improve upon the beautiful shapes and colours offered by our flower selection, but with a little artistic intervention, you'll be amazed at dazzling effects of our flower arranging service.

To brighten up your office with beautifully fresh flowers.